Navigating iGaming from the Perspective of Emilija Cvijanovic, An iGaming Specialist

The iGaming industry has rapidly evolved over the years, with its meteoric rise attributed to technological advancements and sweeping legalizations in various states. Among the many professionals shaping this burgeoning landscape, Emilija Cvijanovic, an iGaming specialist, stands out. Her insights and depth of knowledge are invaluable for those keen to grasp the intricacies of the ever-changing world of online gaming. 

Emilija: Monitoring the iGaming industry’s shifts is akin to tracking a stock market. I actively follow updates from regulatory bodies, attend webinars, and connect with industry peers. Diverse sources ensure a comprehensive understanding of the ongoing legal developments. 

Q2: Given its global outreach, how significant is understanding cultural nuances in iGaming? 

Emilija: It’s paramount. iGaming isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Each region has its preferences, taboos, and historical associations with gambling. Understanding these cultural nuances is essential to providing relevant content or marketing strategies. 

Emilija: Absolutely. Virtual Reality (VR) reshapes user experiences, creating immersive gaming environments. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are introducing transparent, swift transactions. 

Moreover, artificial intelligence aids in personalizing user experience and refining games based on user behaviors. 

Q4: With the influx of new players, especially during the pandemic, how has the iGaming industry adapted its strategies to cater to this audience? 

Emilija: The pandemic brought a wave of novices to the iGaming platforms. In response, many operators refined onboarding processes, introduced beginner-friendly games, and enhanced educational content. 

Simplified user interfaces and robust customer support became indispensable to cater to this new audience, ensuring they feel welcomed and well-guided. 

Q5: How do you see the future of mobile gaming within the iGaming sphere? 

Emilija: Mobile gaming is, without a doubt, the linchpin for the iGaming industry’s future. With increased smartphone penetration and improving internet infrastructures, I foresee a surge in innovative mobile-first casino games and platforms in the coming years. 

Emilija: The industry is increasingly acknowledging its responsibility. Many platforms are moving towards green hosting solutions and optimizing their operations to consume less energy. 

Additionally, there’s a push towards using more sustainable marketing materials and promoting responsible digital consumption among users. 

Q7: With advancements in data analytics, how is data-driven decision-making influencing the iGaming industry? 

Emilija: Data analytics is truly transforming how decisions are made in iGaming. From tailoring games to individual player preferences to predicting future market trends, data-driven insights enable more precise and customer-centric strategies. 

It’s about understanding users’ patterns, preferences, and potential pain points to optimize their experiences. 

Q8: How does integrating social features in iGaming platforms influence player engagement? 

Emilija: Integrating social features has added a communal aspect to gaming. Players can now connect, compete, and converse with others globally. It’s not just about playing anymore; it’s about sharing experiences and achievements and forming communities, significantly boosting player engagement and retention.


Emilija Cvijanovic’s perspective underscores the intricacies and challenges of the iGaming industry. Her emphasis on understanding cultural nuances, staying updated with technological trends, and prioritizing responsible gambling stands as a guide for professionals and enthusiasts.